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Flye is Audience Marketing. Our advanced insights gives
brands and influencers the power to build, understand,
locate, and predict ROI on their online and real-world audiences.
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Providing guidance and expertise to leaders in the entertainment + hospitaltiy industry, seeking to bring their vision to life and build lasting careers along with loyal fans in the process

Flye identifies your fans favorite affinities.

Flye AI

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Harnessing billions of data points and impressions that peoiple share about themselves online and through social media, Flye AI simplifies the complex and delivers insights that get you results.

  • Understand Interest, Affinities and Emotions
  • Locate your audience domestically and internationally
  • Inform Targeting and Activation Strategies
  • Fuel Your content strategy
  • Build actionable personas
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How Flye Works For You

The insights that we produce for your brand lives on Flye’s online Portal. On that platform, you and your team can:

  • Predict + Measure
  • Build
  • Locate
  • Compare


FLYE Music

Provides self-service data-rich online systems and full-service analytics.


FLYE Sports

Provides actionable business intelligence via unique data, technology and analytic services.


FLYE for Brands

Provides thought-leadership, innovation and the means to understand and act upon business opportunities.



Clients testimonials

This was a good exchange and certainly shows the power of interacting with fans in real time in venue.

Gregg Pastore

Director of Digital Strategy, Buffalo Bills

Flye continues to be an important component to our marketing team. The Flye .AI platform that enables rapid feedback and learning directly from the consumer.


Flye’s focused on consumers, gives us better segmentation and lets us know the trends that our audience are attracted to.