About FLYE

Flye lets brands locate, excite, and reward customers with automated, geo-targeted social media campaigns. Geo-fence any location in the world to explore real-time guest experience. Define customized map overlays to promote products and localized offers in the moment. Track social trends across multiple locations, and sort user groups to shape campaigns in real time.

Flye leverages machine learning to spot trends, predict opportunities, and visualize the strength and impact of branded social reach. Detailed analytics offer clarity, while Flye’s algorithms continually improve their own data analysis. Automate and optimize posts to custom-defined groups across your entire campaign. Leverage third-party algorithms to enhance branded social reach.

Clients testimonials

This was a good exchange and certainly shows the power of interacting with fans in real time in venue

Gregg Pastore

Director of Digital Strategy, Buffalo Bills

Flye continues to be an important component to our marketing team. The Flye .AI platform that enables rapid feedback and learning directly from the consumer.


Flye’s focused on consumers, gives us better segmentation and lets us know the trends that our audience are attracted to.


Here are just a few of some awesome companies using Flye to manage their social presence.

Beyond Measure

Reach social media superstars on location, spot emerging customers in real-time, automate and share targeted posts, and spark conversations that grow visibility across social networks.