FLYE Brands // FLYE Hospitality

How does FLYE.A.I & FLYE BOT serve the brand + hospitality industry?

Audience and Location Analysis

  • Understand your guest's unique audience fingerprint, from demographic profiles to their favorite brands and restaurants
  • Understand where you need to build your following,
  • Identify publications, platforms, and strategies that will help you expand
  • Map where your audience exists in the real world to give insight into planning events, and brand activations.
  • Create customer persona groups
  • Predict the reach of potential partnerships and collaborations
  • Predict how many new customers you bring with you to a possible partnership or collaboration.
  • Benchmark against the entire industry your organization is apart of to understand how your audience is unique.
  • See proof of sponsorships and collaborations working by comparing brand alignment to other organizations and industries which has no specific relationship to that brand.
Competitor Benchmarking and Analysis

Analyze competitor social data to uncover key insights about their unique audience profile and discussions happening at their location and around their brand

Promotional Campaigns

Identify and engage your target audience with 1:1 promotional campaigns to increase sales and boost loyalty program membership.

Surprise and Delight Guests

Capture the social activity happening right inside your doors and engage guests in real time to enhance their experience.