FLYE Case Studies

Gaming and Hospitality: Caesars Entertainment

Goal: promote Caesars Diversity PRIDE Weekend contest

Approach: Geo-fence PRIDE parade and festival locations in Downtown Las Vegas Send #CaesarsDiversityContest engagements to influencers on location Filter participating influences and send winner to Caesars event of choice

Relevant Engagement: Caesars was able to quickly identify influencers on location with Flye CRM Engaging through social produced a much higher response rate than email

Result: Caesars engaged 32 select influencers, achieved over 50% response rate and the social media contest produced a social reach of over 6,000,000

Sports: Phoenix Rising FC

Goal: ticket sales and fan engagement

Approach: Geo-target soccer stadium and surrounding popular sporting attractions Capture and filter posts about soccer, local sports and college students Send automated engagements to thank fans and grow team awareness

Relevant Engagement: PHX Rising targets local audiences most likely to attend a game Reengaging fans during and after the game make them feel like a VIP

Result: Phoenix Rising directly engages 200+ fans per week Receives a social reach of over 215,000 every game

Restaurant Chain: Chick-fil-A

Goal: increase local promotional awareness and sales

Approach: Geo-fence Chick-fil-A restaurants and surrounding shopping centers Identify local potential customers posting about food, fitness and competitors Surprise and delight locals with offers, promotions, and free food giveaways

Relevant Engagement: Previous method of direct mail promotions produced low conversion rates Chick-fil-A was able to identify locals and engage them in real-time

Result: Increased quarterly promotional redemption by over 40%

Concert Promoter: Danny Wimmer Presents

Goal: concert promotion and community engagement

Approach: Geo-target similar rock and metal concerts leading up to DWP events Send automated engagements in real-time based on audience triggers Directly engage with fans to grow event awareness and social following

Relevant Engagement: DWP targets like minded audiences that are most likely to attend concerts Flye social media CRM captures all concert attendees for retargeting

Result: Over 2,000 relevant and timely direct engagements sent per week DWP weekly campaigns achieve a social reach of 3,000,000+ rock fans

Festival Promotor: Broccoli City Festival

Goal: festival promotion and ticket sales

Approach: Geo-target local colleges and universities in the DMV area Capture and filter posts about culture, community, music and festival artists Send automated engagements in real-time to promote the festival

Relevant Engagement: BCF targeted local audiences that were most likely to attend the festival Engaging by location achieved higher return than radio advertisements

Result: Over 300 ticket sales directly attributable to BCF Flye campaign Return of $30,000 in ticket sales for two month campaign

Mobile App: YourSports Social Network

Goal: user acquisition and brand awareness

Approach: Geo-fence MLB Spring Training and NCAA March Madness venues Utilized FlyeBot automation to target and engage social influencers Create engaging content based on audience analysis and trending topics

Relevant Engagement: Directly engaged fans at the game in real time with humor and questions Engaging fans while most excited about their team increased response rate

Result: Over 2,000 website visits during two week campaign to drive downloads Grew social following by over 3,000 across multiple platforms