FLYE Music

How does FLYE.A.I & FLYE BOT serve the music industry?

Events | Festivals


  • Use audience insights to pair artist for different shows
  • Use mapping insights to plan street teams


  • Provide online affinities about your artist to better help you reach target audience
  • Use audience insights to find marketing activations in different regions


  • Use overlap comparison to give insight on brands that correlate with the different artist to find sponsorship opportunities
  • Use audience analysis to find brands/artist fans in different regions
  • Predict the reach of potential partnerships and collaborations.
Artist | Managers


  • Uncover key insights about your fans such as demographics, location and top interests ranging from other artists to favorite brands and media outlets.
  • Artist Analysis reports reveal where your fans are located, as well as the other location based interest they have
  • Understand what other artists their audience likes (possible collaborators), brands in clothing, food, drinks, media, lifestyle (potential sponsors), location and demographic information.


  • Discover unsigned up and coming artists within target genres and locations.
  • Given artists as examples of style and genre, A&R's and labels are using Flye to search for other artists which look similar to them but are much smaller, i.e new artists you may want to sign.
  • We can also track how fast they are growing and predict right before they are about to blow up.

Concert and Tour Promotion

Sell out shows by running 1:1 promotional campaigns that identify and engage the right fan at the right time.

Event Recap and Analysis

Capture social data from festivals and concerts to uncover key insights hidden in ticket sales data such as who was there and what they were talking about during the show.