FLYE Sports

How does FLYE.A.I & FLYE BOT serve the sports industry?

Teams | Venues

  • Can use the data to understand which national and local brands to partner with
  • Can run audience comparison on different brands and athletes to know which makes sense for partnerships
  • Looking to understand where audience is located on the local level, nationally and internationally to grow overall brand
  • Know which celeberties, entertainers, and music artist correlate with the brand will help them when it comes to hiring half time acts etc
Players | Managers

  • Find brands that correlate with the players audience
  • Prioritize which brands to go after and work with
  • Audience comparison helps them know how fruitful a potential brand partnership or collaboration will be
  • Know which other athletes/entertainers correlate with the players audience to help them understand which cross cultural/cross industry collaborations to go after
  • Know which media platforms and news sources correlate to be informed of where to get interviews or write ups
  • Knowing where the players audience is located can help with planning fan events, signings, camps etc

Increase Sales

Pack the stadium by identifying local fans and engaging with 1:1 promotional campaigns for upcoming games and ticket packages.

Relationship Management

Build a database of every fan who attended the game and posted to social media to identity potential season ticket holders and top influencers.

Real Time Engagement

Engage fans in real-time during the game to enhance their experience, promote sponsors and thank them for attending.